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Flag Ceremony

posted May 6, 2020, 5:05 PM by Webmaster Troop433

Commands for a Standard Flag Ceremony 

Said by the Color Guard Commander:

1.     "Please stand for the presentation (or retiring) of Colors." 
Note: Said before flags enter the room or begin motion.

2.     "Scouts, Attention."
Note: All Scouts stand at attention.

3.     "Color Guard, Attention."

4.     "Color Guard, Advance." 
Note: Color Guard advances to stage or flag pole, U.S. Flag is first in line.

5.     "Scouts, salute." 
Note: The Color Guard stays at attention. Color Guard Commander and Scouts Salute.
Scouts salute the flag any time it is in motion.

6.     "Color Guard, Halt."

7.     "Will the audience please join me in the Pledge of Allegiance."
Note: Color Guard does not salute or recite the Pledge of Allegiance. Nor do they sing the National Anthem. They stand at attention and guard the flags.

8.    "Two" 
Note: After completion of the Pledge, Color Guard Commander gives the Command "Two." Upon this command, scouts lower their arm smartly to their side from the salute. Meaning-- A salute has 2 steps: the first step is the gesture, the second step is the release of the gesture.

9.     "Color Guard, Post the Colors." 
Note: Once the flags are posted into the flag stands, the color guard salutes the flag and then stands at attention.  When retrieving the colors, the color guard first salute the flags before removing them from their posts.

10.  "Color Guard, reform. Forward."

11.   "Color Guard, halt."

12.  "Color Guard, at ease." (or "Scouts, dismissed" if this is the closing)
Note: The Color Guard Commander may direct the Scouts to be at-ease or to be seated.