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EAA Young Eagles flying trip

posted Feb 24, 2013, 4:36 PM by Website Troop433ga

Important Information, Please read:

We are scheduled to go to Floyd County on Saturday March 2 for flying.
A few things you need to know.

1.  The flying is not a sponsored BSA activity.  It is being conducted by the EAA Young Eagles program.  EAA Young Eagles gives youth ages 8-17 an opportunity to go flying in a general aviation airplane.  The flights are free and are provided by EAA member volunteers.
2. the EAA has some required paperwork that must be signed by Parents before a youth can fly.  We'll have the forms at Monday night's meeting.  Please see Kris Cook on Monday night for your form.  No form, No flying, No exceptions.
3.  There may be more than one aircraft involved, depending on how many pilots are available.  Some of these aircraft might be designated by the FAA as "experimental".  Links to definitions are below.  Please read.
4. Several requirements for aviation should be able to be accomplished.  Please review the merit badge requirements prior to the trip.
#1 a-e  Should be able to accomplish
#2 a and b    Should be able to accomplish
#4 a    Should be able to accomplish
#5     available at YE website----- ;  available through conversations/questions with members

1. We'll meet at the Church at 7:00, departing at 07:15.   Please be prompt.
2. We'll have breakfast at the airport in Floyd County
3. We'll be returning in the afternoon, but time is TBD.
4. Bring a sack lunch
5. Bring $20 -
6. We'll do a weather forecast check on Friday afternoon and be in contact with the lead pilot.  If we have to cancel the trip - watch for emails Friday evening.

Information for your reference:

Young Eagles:

EAA Terms:

FAA Terms:

Merit badge Info:

Rome, GA Chapter of EAA (our sponsor for this trip)

Closest address on Google Maps:
1692 Old Dalton Rd NE, Rome, GA 30165

Link to document