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Monday, Jan 18 2010

posted Jan 14, 2010, 4:08 AM by Scott Lovell
    I'd like to have a meeting on Monday the 18th.  There is no school on Monday and we normally would not meet.  However, we need to meet to plan for the upcoming Camping Trip on the 29, 30 & 31.  We will go to Providence Canyon State Park (  This is a beautiful park 2+ hours south in Lumpkin, Georgia. Since the 29th is an early release day from school, we will try to depart early afternoon.  We will stay in the Pioneer Campsite and do day hikes from our base camp.  We will treat this like a backpacking trip with everyone bringing there own food and cooking gear.  You can team up with a buddy if you are short any gear.  The only cost for this trip is gas and the cost of the camp site.  I estimate the cost at $20 - $30 per scout.
    We will work on the Wilderness Survival MB.   We need time to plan & prepare for the trip.  Due to the cold weather, we need to be sure everyone has the proper gear for the trip.  I'd also like everyone to begin putting together a personal survival kit.  You do not need this for the meeting on Monday.  You will need it for the camping trip.  There are many sources on the web (under Personal Survival Kit) for ideas.  You do not need to go out and purchase anything new.  Many times you can make them from items you already have at home.  Please review the requirements for this MB at
Thanks and I look forward to seeing everyone Monday the 18th.
Zett Quinn, Scout Master