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Troop upcomming events - Fall 2012

posted Oct 10, 2012, 7:08 AM by Scott Lovell

I have added all the remaining events for 2012 to the Trip Reservations form on our website. Please take a moment and sign-up for all the trips you plan to attend this year. The trips are as follows:

  • October 20 - Backpacking on the Appalachian Trail
  • November 10 - LeConte Mountain Hike (Gatlinburg)
  • December 26 - Cumberland Island Hike and Camp
Please add your name to all the trips you are thinking of going on so we know how many people to prepare for. We need to reserve the condos for LeConte so we need a head-count right away for that trip.

Reminder: LeConte Mountain in Gatlinburg is available for the entire family. All are welcome.

To put your name on the reservations list, go to and click Trip Reservations on the left-hand menu. Open the Sign-up Form and add your name to the appropriate events.

Troop 433 serves at Must Ministries on December 10th

posted Sep 10, 2012, 1:05 PM by Scott Lovell

We are serving at Must Ministries on Monday December 10th at 7:30 PM. If you can help out (and get service hours), please go directly to Must Ministries instead of the church.

First Annual BSA Winter Camp

posted Jul 29, 2012, 2:05 PM by Scott Lovell

Summer 2010_2AAC Logo      
December 27-31, 2012
The famous quality program of Woodruff and Bert Adams Scout Reservations is being focused in the newest Boy Scout adventure in the Atlanta Area Council: Winter Camp.  Your troop is invited to be a part of the inaugural winter camp this December 27-31 at the Bert Adams Scout Reservation.
Winter camp will include:
  • Merit Badges (both traditional camp classes and also some unique only for winter camp)
  • Cold weather camping programs and activities
  • Talent shows, campfires, and nightly crackerbarrels
  • Inauguration of the Polar Bear Club
Winter camp will be staffed by select alumni of the Woodruff and Bert Adams summer camp staff.  Be sure to reserve your troop's space now as we will only be accepting 250 Scouts and leaders our first camp.
You can also get camping assistance by contacting 770-989-8820 or emailing

Allatoona Aquatics Center - July camping

posted Jul 7, 2012, 6:42 AM by Scott Lovell


Our next camping trip is the weekend of July 21-22. We are going to the Allatoona Aquatics Center campground. We will be working on the canoeing merit badge and also complete the orienteering compass course there. Orienteering is required for rank advancement, so it is very important that our younger scouts attend. We will also be working on swimming safety and there will be plenty of time in the water.

To sign-up for this camping trip, go to the troop website, click on
Trip Reservations on the left-hand menu and add your name to the spreadsheet under the correct column.

Philmont Trip

posted Jun 22, 2012, 6:52 PM by Website Troop433ga

For those going to Philmont this year. Here is some vital information.


Emergency 24hr phone number is 575-376-2281

We are expedition 627-F (note 6/27 is the date we will start the trek from basecamp.  F is the grade that I made in Scouting as a child)




6pm, Sunday June 24 at the church – MANDATORY THAT ONE PARENT ATTEND



·         We will conduct a FINAL Shakedown on Sunday evening.

·         If you son is not fully prepared, you will need to bring the items and attend a MONDAY PENALTY MEETING at 7pm at the church.  You will only need to attend the penalty meeting if your son is NOT fully packed and prepared on Sunday night.

·         This week’s trip was an eye opener.  Several boys were NOT fully prepared with their packs.  That was disappointing.  Please work with your son to ensure he is fully packed and fully organized.  Have you son pack and unpack and repack several times this week to ensure he knows where everything goes.

·         Continue to walk with your pack fully loaded – 5 miles a day in the clothes and boots they plan to wear.  This will ensure that the boys are not getting rashes – or if they do, they will know how to treat and prevent rashes.  This could be a significant issue for your son and will keep him from having a great experience.

·         BRING YOUR SON’S CLASS A TO THE MEETING ON SUNDAY NIGHT.  Not to be worn.  Just bring the Class A shirt and neckerchief. Put it in a plastic grocery bag or garbage bag with your sons name on it.  We will pack these in one bag and have the boys wear the shirts at base camp when we arrive at Philmont.

·         No electronics should be brought on the trip.  Cameras (not phone cameras) and ebooks are okay.  There is no cell phone signal on the trip, so phones are just added weight.


Medical Forms

posted May 16, 2012, 5:44 AM by Scott Lovell

All scouts must submit a new medical form for BSA Summer Camp. Please use the following instructions to accomplish this:

        1) Download the 2012 Medical Form from our Troop Website. It is under Documents and is called -
2) Print Sections A, B and C
3) Fill out Sections A and B yourself (you sign)
4) Take Section C to your pediatrician and have them fill out this page (doctor signs)

5) Make a copy for your records
6) Attach a copy of your Health Insurance Card (front and back)
7) Bring the completed forms to the Scout Meeting and give to Mr. Bruce Avery.

This must be completed by June 1st, so do not delay. The sooner we have them, the better.

Meeting Notes 4-16-2012

posted Apr 25, 2012, 12:14 PM by Scott Lovell

4-16 Meeting

  • Ian's dad is leading a cycling merit badge clinic-requires a lot of time and hard work, details in other email
  • there will be a shotgun merit badge clinic for free on Saturday, May 5th 
  • Worked on family life merit badge
  • Zip line/Canoe trip this weekend
  • Sign up for NYLT QUICKLY if you haven't already(Blake!) -Sign up at
  • keep up with chore chart for family life, plan and do a family project(game night, family outing, gardening project, etc.)
  • turn in your summer camp medical forms if you haven't yet
  • don't lose camp cards and start selling soon, we're collecting May 14th
Zip Line Trip Details
  • We're meeting 5:00 Friday, getting back 6ish Sunday
  • don't bring cotton, electronics, or aerosol spray
  • other details provided in other email
-Things to bring
  • backpack
  • sunscreen/bug spray
  • trash bags to cover backpack
  • tent & sleeping bag
  • Cash for 2-3 meals
  • 2 breakfasts, can buy or bring lunch, one dinner,snacks
  • cooking gear
  • TWO pairs of close toed shoes, one for water and one for camp
  • swim trunks and quick dry clothes
  • other general gear list on website(

Cycling Merit Badge

posted Apr 13, 2012, 4:33 AM by Scott Lovell

Cycling Merit Badge Opportunity

Scouts of Troop 433:

I would like to offer the possibility for members of troops 433 & 435 the chance to obtain the Cycling Merit Badge.  This is not an easy merit badge to obtain; it takes a lot of work and commitment. You will impress fellows scouts wearing this badge; many will realize how much work you did to achieve it.  An overview of requirements are:
1. Completing two rides of 10 miles, 15 miles & 25 miles each and reporting on the rides as well.
2. Demonstrating proper & safe riding skills
3. Demonstrate various bicycle maintenance skills
4. Be knowledgeable on GA state bicycle laws & compare them to motor vehicle laws
5. Plan, map out & complete a 50 mile bicycle ride.  Ride must be completed in 8 hours or less
I would like to have the 1st ride on Sunday, 4/29  at 3 pm at the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area on Johnson Ferry Road and Columns Drive.  There is ample parking (for a fee...) and we will be able to have a meeting then as well to discuss logistics of coming months.
This ride will be 10 miles and it will give all the scouts a chance to see if this is or isn't for them.
Columns Drive is pancake-flat and you can bail out after 5 miles should the need arise. 
I want to stress that a 50 mile bike ride is very strenuous and should not be taken lightly. Scouts should be honest with themselves after the 10 mile ride an consider that the 50 mile ride will take at least 5 times and quite probably 7 times as long on the bike as the 10 mile ride does and few if any scouts will be able to ride 50 miles without having done more than just the minimum required rides.
Please email your scout's intent to undertake this merit badge. I suppose a written parental permission may also be required, not knowing all the BSA rules for such endeavors.  
 We will need to complete the riding requirements before the really cold weather returns. Riding in the cold is not at all pleasant.
Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you.
Bill Dyer

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Update September 2012 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
From Bill Dyer:

Here is a schedule of upcoming rides. I didn't like suspending things over the summer but with Philmont, summer camp, Helen's soccer & other sports conflicts we needed to wait for school to begin to have more luck getting scouts together. I will need to hear from each scout planning to attend a scheduled ride. There are enough make up rides to assure each scout has the opportunity to complete the required rides by mid November. 

I have decided to just send out a schedule of rides. Trying to schedule around when everyone is available is too difficult & hasn't worked well. It is my thinking  that those who really want the badge will endeavor to make it to the rides. Daylight savings ends 11/4/12 so it will be important to try to get as many rides done as possible before then. The academic parts of the badge can be done in the fall/winter when riding is not a lot of fun.

I am going to schedule the rides sequentially 10, 15 & 25 milers, then the remainder of the available dates can be used as makeup rides. Some or all of the makeup rides will be at least 15 miles and possibly 25 miles, no matter how many miles the rider actually still needs. I am scheduling around Ian's sister Helen's soccer schedule, which is considerable. 

Sat 9/8:  10 a.m.           available anyone wants to ride. I know it's soon, so let me know if you are available & want to ride this date. 
Sun 9/23         2pm at the Roswell/Alpharetta Greenway  1600 Old Alabama Road, Roswell
                      (Paved trail & parking for same are at the bottom of the hill & to the right.)
                      Final 10 mile ride.
Sat 9/29          2pm @ the Greenway  1st 15 mile ride 
Sun 9/30         2pm @ the Greenway  2d 15 mile ride
Sun 10/7         2pm @ Silver Comet Trail: Mavell Road trailhead on Mavell Road, Smyrna 
                      (Same road as Nickajack Elementary School) 
                      first 25 mile ride.
Sat 10/13        10 am @ Silver Comet Trail: Mavell Road trailhead. 2d  25 mile ride. 
Sun 10/14       2 pm Make-up ride: Silver Comet trail
Sat  10/20       Bonus day: Ian can't ride but I am available if others want to ride this day
                      Please communicate with me time & distance if anyone wants to ride.
Sun  10/28      2 pm  Make-up ride Silver Comet
Sun 11/11       2 pm  Final make up ride Silver Comet
Sat 11/17        11 am     Tentative date for 50 mile ride.  This will be +/- 5 hour ride with
                       rest stops. Boys have to plan this: I recommend the Silver Comet.

                      Please check your schedules & see if it works. Ian is having foot surgery around Thanksgiving time & won't be able to ride after for some time,  so either we get the ride in before that or we will probably have to wait until Spring.

Bill Dyer

OA Tapout Ceremony - Saturday April 14th

posted Apr 12, 2012, 4:43 AM by Scott Lovell

OA Tapout Ceremony and Campout 

What: OA Tapout Ceremony and OA Member Campout

This ceremony is to recognize those scouts selected by their peers as best exemplifying the ideals of Scouting for the honor of membership and service in the Order of the Arrow.

When: Saturday, April 14, 2012

Time: Ceremony from 7:30pm - 9:00pm presented by our own Troop 433 Ceremony Team

For: Ceremony for Boy Scouts and their families, and OA Members. All families are encouraged to attend with their scout.

Location: Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park, in a field near the new overflow parking lot (off of Old Hwy 41 near the railroad crossing).

The location of the overflow parking lot is shown on the map at

Cost: Free

I hope to see everyone from our troop for the OA Tap Out to support our new candidates and our Ceremony Team. I encourage all families to attend, as it is a spectacular thing to watch.

Thank you,

Jacob Lanier

Troop 433 Order of the Arrow Representative

Welcome new Scouts!

posted Mar 6, 2012, 7:39 AM by Website Troop433ga

As we prepare to welcome new scouts to our troop, please take some time to think about the scout oath and the scout law. We are role models for these younger scouts and need to live out these ideas...helpful, courteous, kind.  Try to remember how it felt the first time you walked into that crowded, crazy room and saw all those older guys.  I know it was intimidating to me.  Talk to them, include them, initiate some interaction with them.  As they learn our ways, they too will discover how much fun it is to joke and tease among all these new friends they have made.  Just some food for thought.
Your SPL,
Blake Farrell

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