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Meeting Notes 4-16-2012

posted Apr 25, 2012, 12:14 PM by Scott Lovell
4-16 Meeting

  • Ian's dad is leading a cycling merit badge clinic-requires a lot of time and hard work, details in other email
  • there will be a shotgun merit badge clinic for free on Saturday, May 5th 
  • Worked on family life merit badge
  • Zip line/Canoe trip this weekend
  • Sign up for NYLT QUICKLY if you haven't already(Blake!) -Sign up at
  • keep up with chore chart for family life, plan and do a family project(game night, family outing, gardening project, etc.)
  • turn in your summer camp medical forms if you haven't yet
  • don't lose camp cards and start selling soon, we're collecting May 14th
Zip Line Trip Details
  • We're meeting 5:00 Friday, getting back 6ish Sunday
  • don't bring cotton, electronics, or aerosol spray
  • other details provided in other email
-Things to bring
  • backpack
  • sunscreen/bug spray
  • trash bags to cover backpack
  • tent & sleeping bag
  • Cash for 2-3 meals
  • 2 breakfasts, can buy or bring lunch, one dinner,snacks
  • cooking gear
  • TWO pairs of close toed shoes, one for water and one for camp
  • swim trunks and quick dry clothes
  • other general gear list on website(