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Philmont Trip

posted Jun 22, 2012, 6:52 PM by Website Troop433ga

For those going to Philmont this year. Here is some vital information.


Emergency 24hr phone number is 575-376-2281

We are expedition 627-F (note 6/27 is the date we will start the trek from basecamp.  F is the grade that I made in Scouting as a child)




6pm, Sunday June 24 at the church – MANDATORY THAT ONE PARENT ATTEND



·         We will conduct a FINAL Shakedown on Sunday evening.

·         If you son is not fully prepared, you will need to bring the items and attend a MONDAY PENALTY MEETING at 7pm at the church.  You will only need to attend the penalty meeting if your son is NOT fully packed and prepared on Sunday night.

·         This week’s trip was an eye opener.  Several boys were NOT fully prepared with their packs.  That was disappointing.  Please work with your son to ensure he is fully packed and fully organized.  Have you son pack and unpack and repack several times this week to ensure he knows where everything goes.

·         Continue to walk with your pack fully loaded – 5 miles a day in the clothes and boots they plan to wear.  This will ensure that the boys are not getting rashes – or if they do, they will know how to treat and prevent rashes.  This could be a significant issue for your son and will keep him from having a great experience.

·         BRING YOUR SON’S CLASS A TO THE MEETING ON SUNDAY NIGHT.  Not to be worn.  Just bring the Class A shirt and neckerchief. Put it in a plastic grocery bag or garbage bag with your sons name on it.  We will pack these in one bag and have the boys wear the shirts at base camp when we arrive at Philmont.

·         No electronics should be brought on the trip.  Cameras (not phone cameras) and ebooks are okay.  There is no cell phone signal on the trip, so phones are just added weight.