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Popcorn Sales 2014

posted Aug 13, 2014, 1:13 PM by Scott Lovell
Popcorn Order Form
Scouts received their Popcorn Order forms at this Monday Troop Meeting. Please help your scout to sell popcorn or receive donations for Military. Based on their sales they can earn different incentives (refer to the popcorn packet). In addition, our Troop also gives commission that can help the scout towards their camping trips. The highest seller in our Troop will receive a surprise prize.

    If you've been in Scouting awhile and have sold popcorn before, hopefully your Scout has kept his previous Take-Order forms. In sales, always contact previous customers first. So your old Take-Order forms become your Customer Database.
    Keep these forms from year to year ... or use a spreadsheet or other system ... and by the time your son reaches Eagle Scout Rank, he'll have a pretty awesome customer list.
    If you just did the "V-8 head slap" realizing you threw them away, don't fret. Try to remember who bought last year, go there first, and then prepare to keep this year's forms in a safe place.

    And if this is your first year in Scouting, remember to keep your forms for next year. You'll hit your goal sooner and with less work!


Trail's End System:
This is where you scouts will be able to sell to friends and family via on-line sales

    Online sales started August 1st so Scouts can start reaching out to family members and friends. See the attached document for some discount options.
    Currently there are 10 flavors to choose from and the chocolate flavors will be added in October when the weather gets below 80°F and won't melt during shipping.
    FYI: Since Trail's End has several hundred councils selling popcorn and each council decides which flavors they want to sell, they can't tailor the on-line products to match what we're selling here in Atlanta.
    You'll also note that the online prices are different from our Atlanta prices. Again, each Council sets the prices for their area, but the online costs are an average price across all Councils.

    Try what I'm calling "No Show-N-Sell." Basically, it's a Show-N-Sell without the popcorn.
    You set up a table at a store-front, make some really good signs, wear your uniform and explain you're accepting donations to purchase Military Popcorn.
    People love to support the military AND scouting and hopefully will give what's in their pocket ... or buy the $40 or $75 option right then. Advantages ...
  • Start doing show-n-sells right now
  • No product to deal with (yes!)
  • Military purchases still go toward scout prizes and incentives
    Since it takes a little explaining ... "You're selling popcorn but I don't see any popcorn?" ... this might be better for Boy Scouts.
    Then in October, you purchase the military popcorn with your Take Order.
    If you do this, let us know how it went. We've heard of good results from other Councils.

    If you have questions, don't hesitate to email/talk to us. If we can't answer it, we will move it up the chain and find out!

Yours in Scouting,
Avinash & Jayshree Sawant

Scott Lovell,
Aug 13, 2014, 1:14 PM