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Dominoes Fundraiser 2015

posted Feb 3, 2015, 11:58 AM by Scott Lovell

Hi Everyone!


We kicked off our Domino’s Pizza Card Fundraiser at the meeting last night with an enthusiastic visit from Nikki Kametz.  She did a great job to get our boys fired up to sell these “easy to sell” cards.


Attached are the order forms and directions in case you were not able to attend last night.  Each Scout receives a free card after selling just 12 offers.  In addition, if each Scout sells 12 cards, Nikki will sponsor our Troop with a  tee-shirt designed by the boys!  Please encourage your Scout to sell to family, friends, neighbors, teachers, people you know at civic/religious organizations, parent’s co-workers, etc.  The card is buy one get one free on any number of Domino’s pizzas through the end of 2015.  Cards are valid at Domino’s locations in most counties in GA and in some counties in surrounding states. 


This year we must complete an order form and obtain $10 per card in cash or check (made out to Troop 433) at the time of sale.  We will collect the order forms and money on Monday, February 16th to send in the final order.


Again, Domino’s cards are an easy sell and 50% of the sale goes directly to the Scout account.  Money can be used for Summer Camp, camping equipment and other Scout outings.


Please encourage your son to participate and, if you can, please sell to your co-workers.


Thanks again,



Scott Lovell,
Feb 3, 2015, 11:59 AM