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2017 Caving Trip

posted Jan 27, 2017, 3:39 PM by Scott Lovell

Venue – Cumberland Caverns ( - All Around the Mountain program. See attached for the program itinerary

Trip logistics



Departure Time

Arrival Time

Holy Family -> Cumberland C

Sat, 2/18/2017

1pm EST

By 5:30pm CST

Cumberland C -> Holy Family

Sun, 2/19/2017

12pm CST

Around 5pm EST


Cost - $75 - includes tour guide, caving, overnight accommodation, helmet and head lamp. Please bring own knee pads and gloves


Vacancies – 10 participants

**You will be placed on a wait list after 10 participants have signed up.  By 2/7 we will need to make a final decision on head count as after this date, each add on will incur an additional $5 per head.

Placement after the 10 participants are based on vacancies available at Cumberland Caverns.


Release Forms (attached) – Please submit no later than 2/18 before we depart for the trip

** Please let your leader know of any medical conditions, and requirement to be near an electrical outlet e.g. blow up mattress, CPAP machine


Things to Bring

Ø  Tarp to put under sleep area.

Ø  Bedding (air mattresses, sleeping pads, cots are allowed. We have outlets for your pumps)

Ø  All explorers are required to wear lace up shoes or boots.

Ø  A full set of clean clothes and shoes (you WILL get muddy & wet)

Ø  Light jacket (cave temperature is 56F. Long sleeves and light jacket will be enough)

Ø  Garbage bags to put muddy/wet clothes in.

Ø  Personal toiletries (no showers in the cave) but we do have clean up stations and restrooms, towels, wash rags, etc.

Ø  Knee pads (Hint: Adults you WILL want these.)

Ø  Gloves

Ø  Flash light (caves are dark)

Ø  Money/debit card(for snack bar & gift shop). See attached snack bar items and costs.

Ø  Water only

Ø  CPAP devices allowed (we can put you near outlet if we know in advance)

Things NOT to Bring

Ø  Tents

Ø  Coolers

Ø  Outside food or drinks (snack bar in cave, please eat only in the designated area)

Ø  Fires

Ø  Tobacco products

Ø  Alcohol

Ø  Weapons (pocket knives are allowed)

Scott Lovell,
Jan 27, 2017, 3:40 PM
Scott Lovell,
Jan 27, 2017, 3:40 PM
Scott Lovell,
Jan 27, 2017, 3:40 PM