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Scuba High Adventure Trip July 2017

posted Feb 8, 2017, 3:56 PM by Scott Lovell
Hello Scouts and Parents, 

Mike Ericson, Troop 433 Asst. Scoutmaster for Diving & Climbing, here, and I am pleased to inform you that we have ironed out nearly all the details for our scuba diving training and high adventure scuba diving trip. I have broken this information into 3 phases in order to help keep all the details manageable.

Note: Anyone 10 years of age or older may participate in Phase 1: Try Scuba and Phase 2: Scuba Lessons & Certification; however, the Phase 3: High Adventure Scuba Diving Trip is limited to scouts age 13+ and First Class or above, unless waived by our Scoutmaster, Hilary Thornton, on a case-by-case basis.

Note 2: Medical Forms - full BSA Medical Form including a participation physical by a doctor will be required as is customary on all BSA outings longer than 72 hours. There will also be a medical form that Diver's Supply will require for Phases 2 and 3. I suggest getting both forms before visiting your doctor as they may have to sign both forms.

Phase 1: Try Scuba
* We are meeting at Diver's Supply next Monday 2/13/17 at 6pm and expect to go until 9pm. Please try to have dinner before arriving and bring some snacks in case you get hungry. They are located at 950 Cobb Pkwy, Ste 160, Marietta 30060. 

* Please make sure you are signed up on the website for Try Scuba by Friday 2/10/17 so we can make certain to have enough instructors.

* We will receive basic instruction and then actually try scuba diving in their swimming pool under the supervision of their scuba diving instructors. There is no cost for this activity and the minimum age is 10. Parents are absolutely welcome to dive.

* Make sure to bring a bathing suit, towel and some food and water. Breathing compressed air is very drying on the throat and diving really burns the calories. The water temperature of the pool should be quite comfortable for most folks, but a pair of loose fitting exercise shorts and a T-Shirt might make you more comfortable if you run cold. 

* If you require corrective lenses then you have a couple options during the Try Scuba. You could just wear contacts or go without visual correction and embrace the blur. For Try Scuba it's not a big deal, but for lessons and open water diving, contacts or prescription lenses in the mask are appropriate.

* If you can't make it this Monday, you can arrange for another time and date with Diver's Supply (770-419-1976). Just tell them you are with Troop 433 when you book and that there should be no cost.

Phase 2: Scuba Lessons & Certification
* We will begin lessons in the March / April time frame. It will consist of some online reading and study, followed by 2 classroom & pool sessions. Then we will travel to Florida for 2 days of open water certification dives. The dates will be set as we begin and we will make every effort to accommodate your schedules.

* The cost of the training and certification is $474.95 per person. This fee covers all online academic access, all classroom and pool instruction and all non-personal gear rental as well as 2 nights quad occupancy in Florida for our certification dives. This fee does not include transportation or food.

* You must provide your own scuba diving personal gear (mask, snorkel, fins and boots). Full-foot fins without boots are not allowed. Be advised, the scuba diving personal gear you find at Wal-Mart and Target is NOT acceptable as it is not of the quality level required for scuba diving. Diver's Supply has put a really good deal together for us for our scuba diving personal gear. The cost is $94.95 and includes: mask, snorkel, fins, boots, dive bag and de-fog (this keeps your mask clear so you can see).

* If you require corrective lenses, you have 2 basic options. First, you could just wear contact lenses. Secondly, you could get a mask fitted with prescription lenses. If you choose the later then please speak with the staff at Diver's Supply at the time you get your mask. They will be able to help you choose the right option, this would incur an additional cost. You will also need to know your prescription in order to select the right lenses.

* Why do Phase 2, even if you don't plan to (or can't) do Phase 3 (described below)? Troop 433 plans to offer a series of occasion dive trips that are not "High Adventure" Trips.  With certification as a scuba diver, you will be able to go on those.  Also, some families may choose to all take advantage of this great group rate to get the whole family (age 10+) certified so that they can add scuba diving vacations to their annual calendars.

Phase 3: High Adventure Scuba Diving Trip
* We will depart for Key Largo, Florida on Sunday 7/2/17 and return on Saturday 7/8/17. This means roughly 5 days of scuba diving (Mon 7/3 - Fri 7/7). 

* The cost of the High Adventure Scuba Diving Trip will be $ 719.95 per person. This fee covers 6 nights quad occupancy in Key Largo, 2 boat dives per day from 7/3 - 7/7. This fee does not include transportation or food.

* You will need your own scuba diving personal gear and standard dive gear (BCD, Regulator and computer). If you do not have your own standard dive gear then Diver's Supply has extended us a great deal. They will rent you standard dive gear for the whole week for $100 per person. The dive boat provides cylinders and weights so we don't need to worry about them.

* Please make sure you are signed up on the website for the High Adventure Scuba Diving Trip by Friday 2/17/17 because we need to book accommodations now. Additionally, please indicate your mode of travel when you sign up. This can be done by appending an indicator after your name (-F for flying or a -D for driving). For instance, when I sign up, I enter Mike Ericson-D because I am driving. Hilary Thornton will be booking our travel as a group and will contact all our flyers to coordinate as we go forward. Note: Return flights on Saturday 7/8/17 will take off after noon (therefore, at least 24 hours after the completion of our last dive) in order to comply with "flying after diving" guidelines.

* The scuba diving itinerary will consist of 2 boat dives per day beginning at the dock at 8:30am and ending roughly by noon.

* The afternoons will be spent resting (diving is tiring), playing games, and working on scout skills. So make sure to bring games and scout books.

Cost Overview (per person, if you are starting from ground zero)

Phase 1: Try Scuba (Free this spring with mention of "Troop 433")

Phase 2: Scuba Lessons & Certification
   Scuba Training (including cert dives)       $474.95
   Scuba Diving Personal Gear                    $94.95      (Phase 2 Sub-Total $569.90)

Phase 3: High Adventure Scuba Diving Trip
   Scuba Diving High Adventure Trip           $719.95
   Scuba Diving Standard Gear Rental        $100.00    (Phase 3 Sub-Total $819.95)

Scuba Diving Activity Total (Phase 2 & 3)   $1,389.85

If I can be of assistance, please feel free to contact me. I have been diving for over 25 years and hold many scuba diving instructor and technical diving certifications.

Mike Ericson
Assistant Scoutmaster for Diving & Climbing, Troop 433
PADI Open Water Scuba Diving Instructor
SSI Advanced Open Water Scuba Diving Instructor
Boat Diving Instructor, +30 more boring certs ;-)