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Summer Camp 2017 - Class Schedule

posted Apr 24, 2017, 5:41 AM by Scott Lovell
Summer Camp schedule
We have 30 scouts signed up for summer camp 2017 @ Camp Rainey Mountain from June 18 to June 24. Please (SCHEDULE) to view the classes the scouts are signed up for, the extra fees to bring along, pre-requisites for each class where applicable, and requirements not covered for some merit badges. 

It would be best for the scouts to start preparing for the merit badges signed up before camp especially if there are pre-requisites. It is also recommended for the scouts to at least have read the Merit Badge books or if able bring along a copy of the book. These are available in the Troop library too.

Parent Volunteer for camp
We seek at least 2 more volunteer parents to be at camp as we have 30 campers this year. Hilary and Lee are volunteering for the entire week, and I am sure they will be please with some assistance. You do not need to volunteer for the entire week but we would like to have at least 4 adults to be at camp at any one time.  If you can volunteer for any of the days, please sign up at the Adult section of the Summer Camp sign up column, and indicate the days of volunteer. 

Note - We especially need this coverage on Thursday White Water Rafting event to fulfill the "2 deep" BSA requirements to chaperone the older scouts to Ocoee River, and the younger scouts to Nantahala River.

Transportation To and From Summer Camp
We also seek parents to volunteer to transport our scouts to summer camp on Sunday, June 18 morning, and to bring them home on Saturday, June 24 mid-morning.  If you can volunteer, please sign up on the Trip Registration spreadsheet and indicate whether you can volunteer going/returning and how many seat belts available in your vehicle for the scouts.

We are glad to answer any questions. Please send your emails to

Thank you very much for your support.