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Opportunities for Virtual Summer Camps

posted Jun 25, 2020, 9:21 AM by Webmaster Troop433   [ updated Aug 19, 2020, 5:19 PM ]
Troop 433 -

In-person Scout Summer Camp isn't going to happen this summer for our troop (or for most troops) because of the virus, but there are lots of virtual options.  Because they are virtual, you can choose from offerings from all around the country. Some will be fancier than others (the Western Los Angeles Council, for example, home of Hollywood, will have some "high production values" in their content), but fancier doesn't necessarily mean better.  Some will cost more, some less, but they will all be less expensive than in-person camp would have been.  You know your kids best and what they need or want.  This might be a fun way for them to "visit" Montana or New York, or wherever you find a program that seems like a good fit.

We're not going to try to steer all the scouts to do the same virtual program, but I would like to see as many of our scouts earn some Merit Badges and have some sort of scouting "camp" experience this summer as possible.  Please keep three folks informed of your choice (even if that is not to participate): Summer Camp Coordinator Kim Freed, Advancement Chair and Webmaster Scott Lovell, and me, Scoutmaster Hilary Thornton.

Here is the link to the national list from which you may choose and register your scout.  Note that you want to choose from the second of the two lists (NOT the Cub Scout list, but rather the list labeled for "Scouts BSA & Venturing (Incoming 6th Grade and Up)"  

The Atlanta Area Council has gathered all of its summer offerings on one web page, which it calls 2020 Summer Adventure.  There are links to day programs aimed at scouts still working toward first class, to in-person merit badge classes, to online merit badge classes, and more:

Yours in Scouting,
Hilary Thornton