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Troop Calendar

Meeting Minutes

Shrikar Kolla (Troop 433 Scribe) 8/9/2021

ILST will be scheduled soon (Intro to Leadership Training). It's where new troop positions such as the quartermaster can learn about their position and what to do right.

Drumroll, please!..........We have a new Troop Website!

Visit it here at:

Feel free to check out the new design and don't forget about the calendar!

Rifle Merit Badge opportunities are being offered soon for those who would like to finish it. There is one at Bert Adams this weekendd and more in the future. Contact Mr.Miller for more information.

Upcoming Events:

8/21/21: Tubing Trip

8/23/21: Court of Honor (get your advancements done by next Monday if you need to do so...)

8/27/21-8/29/21: Order of the Arrow Induction Weekend

9/17-19/21: Allatoona Watersports Weekend #2 (Wilderness Survival MB is being offered there)

10/23-24/21: Hiking TBD

11/5-7/21: Order of the Arrow Fall Induction Weekend

11/12/21: LeConte Mountain Trip Gatlinburg TN


Shrikar K

Cyber Chip Instructions

Scouts need to renew their Cyber Chip each year. Here are the steps to making it happen.

Fill out the Cyber Chip Workbook section for your grade in school. Parts of it require your parents, so plan a time to do this together. You will also watch at least three Cyber Chip training videos for your grade level. Links are in the workbook or you can find them directly from the NetSmartz website (click Watch Now from the main page). Finally, you will teach what you have learned about internet safety using the EDGE method to another scout. This can be done in our breakout sessions during our weekly meetings.

Email the completed form to your advancement chair.

Virtual Meeting Instructions

A quick lesson on how to attend our Troop 433 Virtual Scout Meetings. Look at the troop calendar on the right-hand side of the home page. On this calendar will be all of our virtual meetings.

To access a meeting, at the appropriate meeting time, click the event on the calendar and look for the meeting link in the description. When you click the meeting link, you should be taken to the page where you can join the meeting.

As always, parents are encouraged to join the meetings also. Please note, that if more than one person in a household joins the meeting from separate devices, there can be unwanted echos and feedback. It is recommended that if two people are in the same room, they should share one device to connect to the meeting. If you must use two devices, please turn off the mic and speaker on all but one device. This should prevent echos and feedback and make the meeting enjoyable for everyone.