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Troop 433 is a medium-sized Boy Scouts of America (BSA) Troop comprised of a diverse group of 25 to 50 active boys.  Our particular focus is promoting a well-rounded scouting experience through regular outdoor activities as well as opportunities for leadership and community service.

We maintain a high adult leader to scout ratio backed by strong parent participation.  Through the active efforts of our leaders, families and scout groups, Troop 433 has produced more than 75 Eagle Scouts since its founding in 1955.  Moreover, the dedicated efforts of the Troop 433 leader/parent/scout family have helped boys develop lifelong friendships.  It is common for former scouts and leaders to visit and join us for troop activities.

Scout Notes

Notes from the Troop Scribe:

Scribe notes from our Troop Meeting

3/4/24 Meeting Notes

Cloudland Canyon coming need patrol quarter masters and grub masters

Unicoi and zip lining 

Brasstown Bald backpacking May

This Thursday annual planning meeting, plc members required to show up, others are welcome to show up to voice opinions 

Sign up for merit badges early to get the ones you want

Virtual planning meeting march 10th for fishing trip, 7-8pm

OA elections 3 weeks from now

Only 5 spots left for summer camp 


Meeting Notes 2-5-24

Allatoons this weekend 

Ski trip people will have meeting to discuss details of trip with Mr Stricklin

Cloudland Canyon trip in march

New scouts go to Wednesday meetings to get first class quick

Unicoi state park in april

Brasstown bald trip in may

Summer camp is at Daniel Boone this year

Beach trip, ideas welcome, possibly fishing snorkeling, boating 

Blaine has his eagle project last weekend, and made 3 benches for walton

Court of honor for 5 new Eagle Scouts was on Sunday

1 year retrospective on new troop design, Jack and troop leaders want direct feedback coming up in s meeting soon, for parents and scouts

Meeting 1-29-24

-Alatoona campout 9-11

-Blaines eagle project this Saturday 

 -must be 14 or older

 -wear pants close toed shoe

-Backpacking trip in March

-Beach trip 

 -details not finalized 

-Eagle court of honor 

 -for 5 Eagle Scouts 

 -Sunday 2-4

-Blue and gold banquet for cubscouts

 -church this Saturday 

Meeting 1-22-24

Discussed task for today 

-making hotdogs in firepit


-new meeting place 

-February camp out, Allatoona for advancement 

-ski trip soon

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New Cyber Chip Requirements 2024

As of January 2024:

The Cyberchip has been phased out. Scouts should use the Personal Safety Awareness training at for both Scout and Star ranks. 

Follow the instructions at this link.

How to log into Troopmaster Scout Accounts

You may now see your Scout records through Troopmaster Web Software. Instructions for logging in can be found HERE.

How to make Scout Account Payments

You may now see your Scout Accounts through Troopmaster Web Software. Instructions for seeing scout balances can be found HERE.

If you are looking for an easy way to make scout account payments for your scout, please look under the Scout Resources/Payments page.

How to RSVP for events in Troopmaster


Here are a few tips and tricks to help you register for scouting events through our Troopmaster Web Software.


The easiest way to RSVP for an event is to use the Weekly Newsletter that comes out on Sunday. (This is the newsletter that you are reading right now!). Look further down the page, and find the event you want to register for and use the link in this email that says "Click here to register for this event".


You can RSVP through the Troopmaster Web Software. Login and select Activities from the top menu. Next select Activity Calendar. Now find the event you want to register for on the calendar and double-click it. On the details page that opens, select the Registration tab and click the link that says "Click here to register for this event". 

TIP #1

On the RSVP screen that opens, click YES or NO and add any comments you like, then click the "Submit RSVP" button to complete the registration. (If you are the parent, you may see a link at the bottom of the RSVP page that lets you register your child.)

TIP #2

Use the Comments field to add information such as, if you can drive for the event, or if a parent will be joining the trip. (There is a limit of 128 characters please)

Tip #3

Use the "Who's Coming" button on the RSVP page to see all the other people who have signed up for the trip. Check this after you RSVP to be sure your name was added.

Final Note:

Most of the problems people have come from forgetting to click the "Submit RSVP" button. So after you have completed your RSVP, return to the registration page and click the "Who's Coming" button and make sure your name is there.

How to subscribe to the Troop Calendar

You may now see your Scout activities in your own calendar by subscribing to the Troop 433 Calendar. Instructions for subscribing can be found HERE.