Patrol Leader Council

What is the Patrol Leader Council?

The Patrol Leader Council (PLC) is the group of elected leaders for the Troop and its Patrols. This group is run by the Senior Patrol Leader (SPL), the Assistant Senior Patrol Leader (ASPL), the Patrol Leader (PL) of each patrol and the Assistant Patrol Leader (APL) of each patrol.

Who makes up the Patrol Leader Council?

All elected leadership make up the council. Those roles are:

    • Senior Patrol Leader

    • Assistant Senior Patrol Leader

    • Patrol Leaders

    • Assistant Patrol Leaders

    • Chaplain

    • Historian

    • Librarian

    • Scribe

    • Quartermaster

    • Troop Guide

    • Den Chief

What does the Patrol Leader Council do?

The Patrol Leader Council plans all events for the Troop. They decide on the hikes, camping, biking, caving and all kinds of scout trips. The Patrol Leader Council also makes sure the entire Troop is meeting its goals for sales events (like popcorn sales), service events (like Scouting for Food), and district events (like OA, Camperall, YLT). The Patrol Leader Council is very important to a smooth running Troop.

When does the Patrol Leader Council meet?

The Patrol Leader Council will usually meet on the first Monday of each month or at a time designated by the Scoutmaster. This time is the same as our usual Troop Meeting and should make it convenient for everyone.

Who are the adult Patrol Advisers?

The adult advisers for the council are:

    • Scoutmaster

    • Assistant Scoutmaster

    • Webmaster

    • Treasurer