Financial Arrangements

Financial Aid:

Financial aid is available to scouts to help offset an expense that may be too great for the scout and prevent him from having a full experience. Please see the Scoutmaster for a private discussion about what resources are available.


Payments are based on the cost of the trip and divided among the boys who have signed up to attend. The more boys that attend, the cheaper the cost per boy. Trip costs are estimated before the trip and will be billed to the boys scout account. Should the cost of the trip change once the trip is completed, the billing may be adjusted to be a different amount than was previously planned.


No refunds for any Troop event can be issued after supplies have been purchased for the trip. Expenses are calculated based on the number of boys who have signed up to attend, and are calculated prior to the trip. Once the trip has begun, no refunds can be given. It is unfair to expect those attending to adjust the cost of the trip based on a last minute drop-out or extenuating circumstance.

NOTE: The Troop reserves the right to send an attendee home from any trip for violation of Troop standards or rules. There are no refunds allowed for costs incurred or expenses paid for an attendee who has been sent home from any Scouting event.